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It doesn't matter if the writing is bad today, as long as it is, it is something. Writer's block in something invented by dead gods. As long as there's the code, there's inspiration.

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"That is poetry
The mistakes that the split of time allowed me to create
While I look at me through the other who plays
Who dreams
Or who doesn’t even know a thing of me

It is Poetica III, at 3 in a day 3, says a friend just as I write
And that is poetry" 

Adora Williams has degrees in Journalism and Languages and has written poetry in both English and Portuguese for over 14 years. She lives in a historic region of Brazil. As a linguist and philosophy enthusiast, she’s been rummaging the relations between language and time.

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Everything becomes poetry, even the silly things.


Adora Williams
Bilingual poet (English and Portuguese), linguist enthusiast and western philosophy self-taught scholar. Currently rummaging the relations between language and time. I have five cats and a dog. Sometimes I draw.